Defending against the Dark Arts

Bayview Room
Full Day
9:00 am5:00 pm
LISA17: Engineering

Today's threats to the enterprise are manifested in many ways but all share similar traits: highly intelligent, well-funded and determined to gain access. In this class, we will explore the murky world of the black-hats. We will examine your security foot-print as they view it, and discuss ways to minimize it, various vectors for attack, and how to detect and defend. We will spend time talking about current threats, and how they can impact your company, and we will build upon the foundations of good security practice. This class has been updated with current events and topics relative to environment profiling, social engineering and new attack vectors. As with all my classes, this will be accompanied with a pinch of humor and a large dollop of common sense.

Who should attend: 

Participants should be beginning to mid-level system administrators of any stripe with an interest in IT Security and a desire to understand their potential adversaries. It is suggested that participants have experience with *nix command line and virtual hosts.

Take back to work: 

Tools, tips, tricks, and a working security toolkit which can be implemented to improve monitoring, detection, and defense in your organization. Experience working with (mostly) free security software tools.

Topics include: 

Security, Risk Evaluation, Social Engineering

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