Troubleshooting Performance Issues in PostgreSQL

Marina Room
Half Day Afternoon
1:30 pm5:00 pm
LISA17: Engineering

This tutorial will give you ways of diagnosing and preempting PostgreSQL performance issues using a wide range of tools and techniques to measure and improve your database's performance. We will cover query optimisation, configuration, and OS settings for your database server and pooling, caching, replication, and partitioning strategies that can be used to ensure performance at scale.

Who should attend: 

The target audience for this talk is server administrators and developers working with PostgreSQL, or considering using it. No specific knowledge of PostgreSQL is required but some background in RDBMS or SQL is recommended.

Take back to work: 

System administrators will benefit by learning about:

  • what aspects of server and PostgreSQL configuration affect database performance and how to choose and tweak them
  • how to monitor the database server to maintain high performance

Developers will benefit by learning about:

  • detecting performance issues in their database usage
  • optimising their queries
Topics include: 
  • This tutorial breaks down into the various potential causes of performance issues in PostgreSQL: how to diagnose them, fix them and monitor them
  • Query performance issues
  • Choosing the right PostgreSQL configuration within hardware and OS limitations
  • Operating system and hardware tweaks that can affect performance
  • Optimising database usage
  • Monitoring your database and database servers performance
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