Automating Azure with Resource Manager Templates

Garden Room
Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA17: Engineering

This class will teach administrators how to get a project up and running with Azure Resource manager templates. These templates are an easy way to define, manage, and deploy instances into the Azure cloud using this technology. Additionally, I will go over some basic best practices for making your template more manageable.

Who should attend: 

System Administrators who are new to Azure, or have not worked with Resource Manager Templates in the past. Anyone interested in streamlining and automating his or her workflow in the Azure cloud

Take back to work: 

Attendees will take back to work the basic skills to get started automating their Azure deployment. They will have the basic understanding and baseline knowledge to work with ARM templates.

Topics include: 
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Powershell/Azure CLI
  • Basics of the ARM Template layout
    • Metadata
    • Parameters
    • Variables
    • Template file
  • Using Parameters, and variables to generalize your deployment
  • Adjusting resource sizing on the fly
  • Deploying Resources
    • Base resource
    • Sizing
    • Monitoring Configuration
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Troubleshooting Templates
  • Tips and tricks to help you configure templates
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