Scaling Talent: Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Thursday, November 02, 2017 - 4:00 pm5:30 pm

Moderator: Tameika Reed, Founder of WomenInLinux

Panelists: Derek Arnold; Amy Nguyen, Stripe; Qianna Patterson, QP Advisors; Wayne Sutton, Co-Founder, CTO, Change Catalyst

Derek Arnold

Derek Arnold has worked in many different parts of technology across multiple sectors as a system administrator, developer and instructor in the telecommunications, manufacturing, education and goverment sectors for the last 20 years.

Amy Nguyen

Amy Nguyen is a software engineer passionate about making data understandable for everyone. In the past, she studied computer science and philosophy at Stanford University, served on the board of Stanford Women in Computer Science for three years, and helped in making computer science the most popular major for female undergraduates during her time there. Outside of work, Amy writes about the tech industry, loves baking, and reads too many self-improvement books.

Qianna Patterson

Qiana Patterson is a seasoned tech executive, specializing in K12 education, higher education and workforce development. With her, she brings over 10 years experience in the education sector and a wealth of leadership and project/product management expertise in the technology industry.

She was the founding COO for Edlio an LA-based K12 edtech company, prior she served as the Interim CEO of Educational Networks a leading content management software platform company. While at Educational Networks, she served as a lead manager in almost all areas and teams of the company. Before Educational Networks, Qiana worked as a teacher and Dean of Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She currently leads her own tech consulting firm, QP Advisors, where she helps startups to mature companies develop products customers love.

Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Change Catalyst and its Tech Inclusion programs. Change Catalyst is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions to diversity and inclusion in tech through the Tech Inclusion Conference, training, workshops, and the Change Catalyst Startup Fellows Program. Sutton’s experience includes years of establishing partnerships with large brands to early stage startups. As a leading voice in diversity and inclusion in tech, Sutton shares his thoughts on solutions and culture in various media outlets where he has been featured in TechCrunch, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to mentoring and advising early stage startups, Sutton’s life goal is to educate entrepreneurs who are passionate about using technology to change the world. Wayne is a 2017 New America CA Fellow.

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