Containers at Scale with Kubernetes, Docker, and Azure

Friday, November 03, 2017 - 11:00 am12:30 pm

Jennelle Crothers, Microsoft


Container technology allows you to achieve greater density on your hosts, reduce conflicts between dev/test/prod environments and increase deployment speed. In this session you'll learn how to easily go from using Docker containers on your workstation with Docker for Mac/Windows to bringing those containers to your datacenter or cloud provider (either on IaaS or a container service) and deploy them at scale using Docker swarms or Kubernetes. Bring your Azure subscription (or trial) and deploy containers to your own Kubernetes cluster in almost no time!

Jennelle Crothers, Microsoft

Jennelle Crothers is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist who likes computer networking, server administration, dogs, quilting, popcorn and on most days, public transportation. Before joining Microsoft, Jennelle Crothers spent 15 years as a Systems Administrator "jack of all trades" overseeing Windows domains, Exchange Server, desktops and other IT systems where she struck fear into the hearts of end-users with complex password policies and email retention tags. Now she supports platform awareness for Azure, Windows Server and related technologies, containers and DevOps. Jennelle is a Microsoft Azure Specialist and prior to joining Microsoft, she was a four-time Microsoft MVP.

When not thinking about technology, Jennelle volunteers with Guide Dogs for the Blind and sneaks away to read dystopian novels.

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Who should attend: 

Sysadmins and/or Developers new to containers as a service or looking learn more about cloud offering for container deployments.

Take back to work: 

You will understand the different options you have for preparing to use containers on-prem or in the cloud, how to container images are created and deployed using Azure CLI and how to containers can be deployed at scale on a cluster of host machines using popular orchestration technologies.

Topics include: 

Containers, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, Containers as a Service