Data as a Social Science: Cultural Elements in Privacy and Security

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 10:45 am11:15 am

Annalisa Nash Fernandez, Intercultural Strategist


Privacy and security are cultural constructs. We process and interpret them differently depending on our cultural framework. As technology yields unprecedented access across borders, frameworks designed for a few markets are ultimately deployed globally. Yet we still face linguistic and cultural barriers. Explore the geo-cultural dimensions of privacy, security, and communication that frame the global data frontier, unlocking global innovation in products and on multicultural teams. Understand the cultural values associated with approaches to trust, timing, change management, and data privacy and security. This engaging and informative presentation decodes how cultural differences present themselves on multicultural teams and in cross-border business transactions as challenges, but provide the opportunity for innovation and global excellence.

Annalisa Nash Fernandez, Intercultural Strategist

Annalisa Nash Fernandez is a specialist in world cultures, focusing on cultural elements in technology and business strategy. An experienced corporate strategic planning director who worked globally as an expatriate executive based in emerging markets, she bridges her dual background as a sociolinguist to navigate the cultural elements in digital communication, privacy, artificial intelligence, and the digital economy. Her expert quotes are featured widely, including by CIO magazine and the BBC, and her articles are published in trade journals and in leading media. Annalisa held various roles at Philip Morris International and Kraft Foods, based in São Paulo, Brazil, and investment banks, including Bankers Trust, based in New York City and Santiago, Chile. In her freelance consulting career she is a linguist for Transperfect, an intercultural strategist for multinational companies, a speaker at global conferences, and a pro bono interpreter and advocate. Annalisa holds an M.A. in language and translation from the University of Wisconsin, and a B.S. in international finance from Georgetown University.

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