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Proceedings of the Second USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce

November 18-21, 1996
Oakland, California

Program Chair: Doug Tygar, Carnegie Mellon University

Co-Sponsored by The Fisher Center for Information Technology Management, UC Berkeley, and the School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley

Call for Papers

Original Program

Reports on the Technical Presentations
by Michael Harkavy, Andrew Myers, J. D. Tygar, Alma Whitten and H. Chi Wong, Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, November 19

Hardware Tokens

Tamper Resistance-a Cautionary Note
Ross Anderson, Cambridge University; Markus Kuhn, Purdue University

Token-Mediated Certification and Electronic Commerce
Daniel E. Geer and Donald T. Davis, Open Market, Inc.

Smart Cards in Hostile Environments
Howard Gobioff, Carnegie Mellon University; Sean Smith, IBM Research; J.D. Tygar, Carnegie Mellon University; Bennet Yee, UC San Diego

Protocol Analysis

Analysis of the SSL 3.0 Protocol
David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley; Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Systems

Fast, Automatic Checking of Security Protocols
Darrell Kindred and Jeannette Wing, Carnegie Mellon University

Verifying Cryptographic Protocols for Electronic Commerce
Randall W. Lichota, Hughes; Grace L. Hammonds, AGCS, Inc.; Stephen H. Brackin, Arca Systems, Inc.

Policy and Economics

Digital Currency and Public Networks: So What If It Is Secure, Is It Money?
John du Pre Gauntt, London School of Economics

Modeling the Risks and Costs of Digitally Signed Certificates in Electronic Commerce
Ian Simpson, Carnegie Mellon University

Standard Payment Interfaces

Generic Electronic Payment Services: Framework and Functional Specification
Alireza Bahreman, EIT

U-PAI: A Universal Payment Application Interface
Steven P. Ketchpel, Hector Garcia-Molina, Andreas Paepcke, Scott Hassan, Steve Cousins, Stanford University

Payment Method Negotiation Service: Framework and Programming Interface
Alireza Bahreman and Rajkuman Narayanaswamy, EIT

Wednesday, November 20

Atomic Transactions

Anonymous Atomic Transactions
Jean Camp, Sandia National Laboratory; Michael Harkavy, J.D. Tygar, Carnegie Mellon University; Bennet Yee, University of California, San Diego

Strongboxes for Electronic Commerce
Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry, University of Wollongong

Model Checking Electronic Commerce Protocols
Nevin Heintze, Bell Labs; J.D. Tygar, Jeannette Wing, and H. Chi Wong, Carnegie Mellon University


BigDog: Hierarchical Authentication, Session Control, and Authorization for the Web
Benjamin Fried, Andrew Lowry, and Morgan Stanley

Financial EDI Over the Internet: Case Study II
Arie Segev, Jaana Porra, and Malu Roldan, University of California, Berkeley

Scalable Document Fingerprinting
Nevin Heintze, Bell Labs


A Protocol for Secure Transactions
Douglas H. Steves, Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan, and Mohamed Gouda, University of Texas, Austin

PayTree: "Amortized-Signature" for Flexible MicroPayments
Charanjit Jutla, IBM; Moti Yung, Bankers Trust

Agora: A Minimal Distributed Protocol for Electronic Commerce
Eran Gabber and Abraham Silberschatz, Bell Labs

Thursday, November 21


Organizing Electronic Services into Security Taxonomies
Sean Smith, IBM Research; Paul Pedersen, Los Alamos National Laboratory

WWW Electronic Commerce and Java Trojan Horses
J.D. Tygar and Alma Whitten, Carnegie Mellon Univirsity

On Shopping Incognito
Ralf Hauser, McKinsey Consulting; Gene Tsudik, University of Southern California

Software Agents

Market-Based Negotiation for Digital Library Services
Tracy Mullen and Michael P. Wellman, University of Michigan

Information and Interaction in MarketSpace--Towards an OpenAgent-based Market Infrastructure
Joakim Eriksson, Niclas Finne, Sverker Janson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

A Peer-to-Peer Software Metering System
Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey, Counterpane Systems

Program Committee

Ross Anderson, Cambridge University
Nathaniel Borenstein, First Virtual Holdings
Stefan Brands, CWI
Daniel Geer, Open Market, Inc.
Mark Manasse, Digital Equipment Corporation
Clifford Neuman, University of Southern California
Hal Varian, University of California, Berkeley
Bennet Yee, University of California, San Diego
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