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Second USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce

Payment Method Negotiation Service:
Framework and Programming Specification

Alireza Bahreman and Rajkumar Narayanaswamy


We propose a Payment Method Negotiation Service in this paper. This service enables transacting peers to determine and negotiate their common set of payment methods, protocols, systems or mechanisms, system providers, capabilities, accounts, and instruments. The service also enables the peers to select, among the negotiated choices, a particular payment system or mechanism to use to conduct commerce. We use a modular framework and define an object-based solution. The programming interface is modular and extensible and can interoperate with a wide range of payment systems. The service is transport independent and can support a variety of communication models. Therefore, all electronic commerce application developers would be able to accommodate this service in their applications. The Payment Method Negotiation service introduced here is part of the Generic Electronic Payment Services (GEPS) framework being designed and implemented in the E-CO System Project.

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