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Pp. 91–104 of the Proceedings

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The Multi-Queue Replacement Algorithm for Second Level Buffer Caches

Yuanyuan Zhou and James F. Philbin
NEC Research Institute, 4 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08540
Kai Li
Computer Science Department, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544


This paper reports our research results that improve second level buffer cache performance. Several previous studies have shown that a good single level cache replacement algorithm such as LRU does not work well with second level buffer caches. Second level buffer caches have different access pattern from first level buffer caches because Accesses to second level buffer caches are actually misses from first level buffer caches. The paper presents our study of second level buffer cache access patterns using four large traces from various servers. We also introduce a new second level buffer cache replacement algorithm called Multi-Queue (MQ). Our trace-driven simulation results show that MQ performs better than all seven tested alternatives. Our implementation on a real storage system validates these results.

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Yuanyuan Zhou

This paper was originally published in the Proceedings of the 2001 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 2530, 2001, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
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