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2001 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 25-30, 2001, Boston, MA
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Conference Organizers
Program Chair
Yoonho Park, ReefEdge Inc.

Program Committee
Mohit Aron, Zambeel Inc.
Carla Ellis, Duke University
Wuchi Feng, Ohio State University
Greg Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University
Sheila Harnett, IBM Linux Technology Center
Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan
Jochen Liedtke, University of Karlsruhe
Robert Miller, Carnegie Mellon University
Vern Paxson, ACIRI
Doug Schmidt, UC-Irvine
Margo Seltzer, Harvard University
Dan Wallach, Rice University

Invited Talks Coordinators
Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs–Research
John T. Kohl, Rational Software

FREENIX Program Chair
Clem Cole, Paceline Systems Corp.

FREENIX Program Committee
Ken Coar, The Apache Software Foundation/IBM
Chris Demetriou, Broadcom Corp.
Ted Faber, ISI/USC
Drew Gallatin, Duke/FreeBSD
Alan Nemeth, Compaq
Simon Patience, Zambeel Inc.
Garry Paxinos, Metro Link/XFree86
Stephen Tweedie, Red Hat

The Guru Is In Chair
Lee Damon, University of Washington

Conference Proceedings

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For conference interviews and video of the technical sessions, see Dr. Dobb's technetcast.

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