When to NOT Set SLOs: Lots of Strangers Are Running My Software!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 3:05 pm3:25 pm

Marie Cosgrove-Davies, Google


Are you robbing your customers of their ability to think hard about their users and control their operational fate? The SLI/SLO model was created by and for Software-as-a-Service teams. It becomes challenging when the product you build is run by teams at companies around the world. For products like Cloud Foundry, where there is one development group shipping software to many operations teams at other companies, shipping the product with built-in Service Level Indicators makes complete sense. However, the idea of establishing SLOs for products gets tricky. In order to map a path forward, we need to reconsider the value of SLOs and what we’re trying to accomplish by setting them, and empower our customers to work through the process of establishing SLOs for standard SLIs that we enable them to measure.

Marie Cosgrove-Davies, Google

Marie Cosgrove-Davies is an ops product manager at Google in Pittsburgh, PA. Her checkered past includes stints in SRE, R&D, support, implementation, and the Peace Corps. She has previously worked at Pivotal and Opower. In her spare time she reads way too much, tends to her Victorian house, and cossets her three adorable cats.

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