Resiliency Testing with Toxiproxy

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 09:5010:20

Jake Pittis, Shopify


Fibers get cut, databases crash, and you’ve adopted Chaos Engineering to challenge your production environment as much as possible. But what are you doing to craft the resiliency test suites that minimizes the impact of failure on your application as much as possible? How do you debug resiliency problems locally and make sure single points of failures don't creep into the application in the first place? We’ve used the open-source Toxiproxy for the past two years to emulate timeouts, latency and outages in development environments. This talk will equip you with the tools to start writing resiliency test suites to harden your own applications, to supplement other chaos engineering practises.

Jake Pittis, Shopify

In between teaching his team about jazz, Jake can be found on the Production Engineering Team at Shopify. He's worked preparing the platform for massive celebrity sales, making Shopify run out of multiple data centres, and the resiliency stack to protect the app against misbehaving resources, and itself. Canadian Geese are his favourite animals. While the hipster movement of his nation has recently taken to eating these poor birds, Jake has yet to taste one. And never plans to. We don't eat our friends.

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