Startup Systems Εngineer's Instruction Manual

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 15:0015:30

Effie Mouzeli, Logicea LLC


What happens when you take the leap of faith and leave the security of a systems engineering team to become the first systems person at a startup? What should you expect?

This talk is about the challenges of being the sole systems engineer at a young company. The amount of work is overwhelming but the experience is worth it. We will explain the key elements of a newborn infrastructure and the stages leading it to maturity.

The challenges of this role are not limited to solving technical problems. The habits, processes and standards you will establish, will pave the way to go from a single engineer to a team.

Effie Mouzeli, Logicea LLC

Effie is a Systems Engineer at Logicea, a young software house. Her main responsibilities are operations, automation (Deployment Pipelines, Configuration Management etc.), assist in product architecture, work closely with developers and occasionally, pull rabbits out of hats and chase them.

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