NSDI '20 Spring Accepted Papers

NSDI '20 offers authors the choice of two submission deadlines. The list of accepted papers from the spring submissions is available below. The full program, including papers from the spring submission deadline, will be available in December. In February, the full Proceedings, as well as all of the final paper PDFs, will be posted.

Frequency Configuration for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks in a Heartbeat
Akshay Gadre, Carnegie Mellon University; Revathy Narayanan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras; Anh Luong, Anthony Rowe, Bob Iannucci, and Swarun Kumar, Carnegie Mellon University

Plankton: Scalable network configuration verification through model checking
Santhosh Prabhu, Kuan Yen Chou, Ali Kheradmand, Brighten Godfrey, and Matthew Caesar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Expanding across time to deliver bandwidth efficiency and low latency
William M. Mellette, Rajdeep Das, Yibo Guo, Rob McGuinness, Alex C. Snoeren, and George Porter, University of California San Diego

Config2Spec: Mining Network Specifications from Network Configurations
Rüdiger Birkner, ETH Zürich; Dana Drachsler-Cohen, Technion; Laurent Vanbever and Martin Vechev, ETH Zürich

XRD: Scalable Messaging System with Cryptographic Privacy
Albert Kwon, MIT; David Lu, MIT PRIMES; Srinivas Devadas, MIT

Re-architecting Congestion Management in Lossless Ethernet
Wenxue Cheng and Kun Qian, Tsinghua University; Wanchun Jiang, Central South University; Tong Zhang and Fengyuan Ren, Tsinghua University

Measuring Congestion in High-Performance Datacenter Interconnects
Saurabh Jha and Archit Patke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jim Brandt and Ann Gentile, Sandia National Lab; Benjamin Lim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Mike Showerman and Greg Bauer, National Center for Supercomputing Applications; Larry Kaplan, Cray Inc.; Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; William Kramer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and National Center for Supercomputing Applications; R. Iyer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

AccelTCP: Accelerating Network Applications with Stateful TCP Offloading
YoungGyoun Moon and SeungEon Lee, KAIST; Muhammad Asim Jamshed, Intel Labs; KyoungSoo Park, KAIST

Enabling Programmable Transport Protocols in High-Speed NICs
Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo and Alexey Lavrov, Princeton University; Manya Ghobadi, MIT; Jennifer Rexford, David Walker, and David Wentzlaff, Princeton University

Contra: A Programmable System for Performance-aware Routing
Kuo-Feng Hsu, Rice University; Ryan Beckett, Microsoft Research; Ang Chen, Rice University; Jennifer Rexford, Praveen Tammana, and David Walker, Princeton University

Network Error Logging: Client-side measurement of end-to-end web service reliability
Sam Burnett and Lily Chen, Google; Douglas A. Creager, GitHub; Misha Efimov, Ilya Grigorik, and Ben Jones, Google; Harsha V. Madhyastha, Google and University of Michigan; Pavlos Papageorge, Brian Rogan, Charles Stahl, and Julia Tuttle, Google

Gandalf: An Intelligent, End-To-End Analytics Service for Safe Deployment in Large-Scale Cloud Infrastructure
Ze Li, Qian Cheng, Ken Hsieh, and Yingnong Dang, Microsoft Azure; Peng Huang, Johns Hopkins University; Pankaj Singh and Xinsheng Yang, Microsoft Azure; Qingwei Lin, Microsoft Research; Youjiang Wu, Sebastien Levy, and Murali Chintalapati, Microsoft Azure

Fine-Grained Replicated State Machines for a Cluster Storage System
Ming Liu and Arvind Krishnamurthy, University of Washington; Harsha V. Madhyastha, University of Michigan; Rishi Bhardwaj, Karan Gupta, Chinmay Kamat, Huapeng Yuan, Aditya Jaltade, Roger Liao, Pavan Konka, and Anoop Jawahar, Nutanix

Meaningful Availability
Tamás Hauer, Philipp Hoffmann, John Lunney, Dan Ardelean, and Amer Diwan, Google

SP-PIFO: Approximating Push-In First-Out Behaviors using Strict-Priority Queues
Albert Gran Alcoz, Alexander Dietmüller, and Laurent Vanbever, ETH Zürich

NetSMC: A Custom Symbolic Model Checker for Stateful Network Verification
Yifei Yuan, Intentionet; Soo-Jin Moon, Sahil Uppal, Limin Jia, and Vyas Sekar, Carnegie Mellon University

TinySDR: Low-Power SDR Platform for Over-the-Air Programmable IoT Testbeds
Mehrdad Hessar, Ali Najafi, Vikram Iyer, and Shyamnath Gollakota, University of Washington