007: Democratically Finding the Cause of Packet Drops


Behnaz Arzani, Microsoft Research; Selim Ciraci, Microsoft; Luiz Chamon, University of Pennsylvania; Yibo Zhu and Hongqiang (Harry) Liu, Microsoft Research; Jitu Padhye, Microsoft; Boon Thau Loo, University of Pennsylvania; Geoff Outhred, Microsoft


Network failures continue to plague datacenter operators as their symptoms may not have direct correlation with where or why they occur. We introduce 007, a lightweight, always-on diagnosis application that can find problematic links and also pinpoint problems for each TCP connection. 007 is completely contained within the end host. During its two month deployment in a tier-1 datacenter, it detected every problem found by previously deployed monitoring tools while also finding the sources of other problems previously undetected.

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