Protecting System Integrity with Trusted Platform Module

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 - 12:35 pm1:20 pm

Dmitrii Potoskuev, Facebook


Every software and firmware component running on a system can be the vector for delivering an attack to the host itself and the wider infrastructure around it. We often focus on protecting the system from what runs in user space or kernel space, and we don't always include in our threat model the integrity of the lower layers in the stack. In this talk, we want to show what could be the impact of compromising a host through a persistent implant in its system firmware. We will focus specifically on UEFI, the industry-wide standard that defines how system firmware should operate. We will demonstrate a "hello-world" system firmware malware from its development to its injection on the host. We will then introduce the concept of Trusted Platform Module, a secure cryptoprocessor that has become an industry standard on consumer and enterprise systems, and explain how the TPM can help protect the platform from our demonstrative malware. We will assume that our system requires secrets to be able to interface with the infrastructure around and we will leverage the TPM to give the host access to those secrets only if we can guarantee that all layers of the stack have not been compromised.

Dmitrii Potoskuev, Facebook

Dmitrii is a Production Engineer at Facebook focusing on Trusted Platform Module applications and related server life cycle workflows. Previously Dmitrii worked in Telecom, System Integration and Retail industries as a software developer and solution engineer.

Core Principles
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