Beyond Firefighter vs. Safety Matches: Growing the DevSecOps Pipeline

Tuesday, June 01, 2021 - 8:00 am8:45 am

Amélie Erin Koran, Splunk, Inc.


Developing a pure security talent pipeline suffers often from overspecialization, looking for unicorns to fight the fires du jour in your organization. Conversely, DevSecOps may suffer from potentially overgeneralizing the skills required to be a purposeful and successful practitioner, and overload tasks and responsibilities on individuals, rather than the concept of shared responsibility. This talk will cover trying to learn from both problems to develop solutions and techniques to successfully navigate modern systems development, operations and security.

Amélie Erin Koran, Splunk, Inc.

Amélie is a Senior Technology Advocate at Splunk, who is focused on helping organizations transform, grow and secure themselves in the ever-evolving world of technologies and their accompanying challenges. She arrives at Splunk after nearly 25 years as a technologist, from systems administration and engineering to executive technology leadership in various industries, academia, NGOs, and the government. In the last decade, she's supported various Federal agencies, leading various projects and initiatives, including modernization activities, cybersecurity policy, and security architecture and operations. Often seen "soapboxing" about technology workforce development, training and recruiting policies, practices and techniques. She's a serial volunteer who tries to return the help she's received in her own career through mentorship, conversation, and community building.

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