Why You Should Burn Down Your Datacenter

Thursday, June 03, 2021 - 8:00 am8:45 am

Mike Elkin, Facebook


We're quite familiar with managing resources like CPU, memory, bandwidth, storage, I/O—but hidden underneath all that is the power, space, and cooling systems. Pushing the limits of these underlying resources means building a connection between the datacenter facilities & your infrastructure management services. Optimizing requires understanding the very unique industrial controls environments and working around the many issues they have. Come listen to a completely rational tale on why we should go on such adventures, and why we'll be so unhappy with them we want to burn the datacenter to the ground.

Mike Elkin, Facebook

Mike has been a Production Engineer at Facebook for over 8 years, working across a number of different infrastructure systems and spaces. This includes work on kernel upgrade automation, active network health monitoring, rack maintenance service frameworks, all of which have been now been deprecated. Besides writing deprecated solutions he also enjoys the occasional Internet spaceships/spreadsheets simulator, Irish whiskeys, and cheese.

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