Leveraging AFS Storage Systems to Ease Global Software Deployment

Thursday, June 03, 2021 - 10:30 am11:15 am

Tracy J. Di Marco White, Goldman Sachs


Using AFS as both a file store and an object store, we provide software to hundreds of thousands of client systems within both public and private cloud. As we see a continual increase in the frequency of software deployments, in the number of different software packages, and in the number of versions of each software package, we have also adapted our software deployment systems. Both of our software deployment systems use AFS, but one is unaware of AFS, and one makes specific use of various AFS features. I'll cover how the infrastructure has grown from several private data centers, and how our use of AFS has eased migration to both private and public cloud. I'll discuss the changes we are making to both the AFS-unaware and AFS-aware deployment systems, as well as discuss bugs, bottlenecks, and patterns of software development and usage that we've discovered through the change process.

Tracy Di Marco White, Goldman Sachs

Tracy has been herding infrastructure since before graduating from college, where she learned to use, then manage, distributed systems. After spending a couple decades as part of Iowa State University's IT organizations, she accepted a position at Goldman Sachs, where she has even more infrastructure to herd. An even longer time home automation fan, lately she's taken to voice assistants for telling her home automation systems what to do.

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