Groove with Ambiguity: The Robust, the Reliable, and the Resilient

Wednesday, June 02, 2021 - 10:30 am11:15 am

Matt Davis, Blameless


The networked software systems we build are increasing in complexity every moment. Today the most successful builders and operators are embracing complexity through CI/CD, Chaos Engineering, and innovation in Incident Response. They realize that the adaptive world around us is advancing at such a breakneck speed, it is leaving our capacity to understand it in the dust. That humans and technology must race a gauntlet of automation surprises and collaboration challenges as a team, learning and improving along the way. This session showcases methods of deploying, running, and navigating complexity. It offers a practical view of how software systems can scale and remain robust to failure (like fallbacks or high availability), achieve highly reliable socio-technical operations (via runbooks and game days), and adapt to surprise through techniques of resilience engineering (graceful extensibility and building for adaptation).

Matt Davis, Blameless

Just as at home with analog synthesizer electronics as with Infrastructure as Code, Matt Davis finds joy in operating chaotic complex systems. His variegations include data-center operations, storage hardware, distributed databases, network security, site reliability engineering, NOC support, observability systems, and techops leadership. Matt's passion for exploring the relationships between the artistic mind and operating distributed software architectures is reflected in his themes for both technology talks and musical output, seeking out diverse ways to learn from our adaptive universe.

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