Storytelling for Engineers

Monday, October 28, 2019 - 4:00 pm4:45 pm

Bradley Shively, Uber ATG


Every engineer has experienced the pain of a misfired e-mail or poorly delivered presentation. Eventually, it becomes apparent that communication is an essential engineering skill. Most of all, the ability to effectively communicate makes it easier to work across teams, solve (or avoid) problems, and build the right systems and software. But how do we connect with our audience, deliver pertinent information, and get people to take action? We may think that just providing data is sufficient, but this is rarely true. Instead, we have to think about communication, even in a technical setting, in a new way. We have to learn to tell stories.

This talk will explore how to apply a storytelling framework in engineering so that we can communicate more effectively about the systems we build and operate.

Bradley Shively, Uber ATG

Brad Shively is a reformed management consultant as well as former operations manager at Google. These days, he manages engineering teams at Uber's self-driving car project, where he applies his years of experience in client-facing roles to the challenge of building great internal tools and workflows for developers.

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