Anatomy of a DDoS

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 2:45 pm3:30 pm

Janna Hilferty, TriNet, Inc


DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks can be difficult to understand, mitigate, and protect against. In this talk, learn the structure of DDoS attacks, how attackers build their networks, how DDoS attacks have evolved in recent years, and how law enforcement is taking action against bad actors.

Janna Hilferty, TriNet, Inc

Janna Hilferty is forever curious. Recognized by her coworkers as "Captain Marvel" and "Automation Champion," she is currently a DevOps engineer at HR company TriNet, and blogger at In the not-so-distant past, she was nicknamed "War Janna" for her fierce dedication to problem-solving in web hosting and Linux server admin work, where she specialized in performance, cacheability, and technical documentation.

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