Level Up Your Career with Soft Skills

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 2:00 pm2:45 pm

Yoz Grahame, LaunchDarkly


Many of us want to see our careers progress from junior to senior to lead or manager. To do this, we improve our technical skills, contribute to open source projects, and work on side projects. That's great, but technical skills will only get you so far. To truly succeed, you need to master the soft skills–also known as people skills or core skills.

These skills are sometimes called "non-technical." That's not an accurate characterization. These skills are technical. And like all technical skills, they require practice and refinement. Don't approach the idea of soft skills with a fixed mindset, employ a growth mindset, and learn how you can continuously refine and improve these critical skills. During this talk, you will learn essential soft skills, tips on how to improve them, and how biases influence our ability to learn. Avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication by improving your soft skills.

Yoz Grahame, LaunchDarkly

Yoz Grahame is a Developer Advocate for LaunchDarkly because he wants software engineering to be far less painful than it is now. Previous involvements include: the US Government (in the 18F group), Compaas, Linden Lab, British e-democracy projects WriteToThem and TheyWorkForYou, and Douglas Adams' startup The Digital Village.

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