Containerizing Your Monolith

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 9:00 am9:45 am

Jano González, SoundCloud


Going from a monolithic architecture to microservices it's never a "big bang" migration, you need to keep delivering features to your users so services are extracted as the need arises.

During the transition, teams deal with both the monolith and microservices. The differences in technology and delivery process for both, combined with the decreased attention the monolith receives can decrease the confidence level, slowing down delivery and even planned microservice extractions.

How much to invest in the original monolith? Too little can lead to teams avoiding it, too much means wasting resources in a deprecated component.

This talk summarizes the experience of containerizing our monolith to run it in the same infrastructure as our microservices, using the same delivery process. How this improved confidence in delivery, how it simplified operations and how it enables us in current initiatives like our multi-datacenter architecture. Also, which problems we encountered along the way.

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