Ops on the Edge of Democracy

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 11:45 am12:30 pm

Chris Alfano, Code for Philly and Jarvus Innovations


Community organizations, nonprofits, local governments, and individual users are often considered irresponsible to build or even redeploy their own technology. But is that a core constraint of information technology, or merely an accidental symptom of over-optimizing for the end of the market with easy returns for venture capital?

Chris Alfano, Jarvus Innovations, Code for Philly

I’m a software developer forged by FOSS and a founding captain of one of the longest-running local affiliates of Code for America (called a brigade). My civic hacking journey began while working in a Philly public school and for nearly a decade now I’ve gotten to build open-source software with some of the most innovative public schools in the world.

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