Omid, Reloaded: Scalable and Highly-Available Transaction Processing


Ohad Shacham, Yahoo Research; Francisco Perez-Sorrosal, Yahoo; Edward Bortnikov and Eshcar Hillel, Yahoo Research; Idit Keidar, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology and Yahoo Research; Ivan Kelly, Midokura; Matthieu Morel, Skyscanner; Sameer Paranjpye, Arimo


We present Omid—a transaction processing service that powers web-scale production systems at Yahoo. Omid provides ACID transaction semantics on top of traditional key-value storage; its implementation over Apache HBase is open sourced as part of Apache Incubator. Omid can serve hundreds of thousands of transactions per second on standard mid-range hardware, while incurring minimal impact on the speed of data access in the underlying key-value store. Additionally, as expected from always-on production services, Omid is highly available.

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