Browser Privacy: Opportunities and Tradeoffs

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 9:00 am10:15 am

Moderator: Dr. Lea Kissner, Humu

Panelists: Justin Schuh, Google; Tanvi Vyas, Mozilla; Yan Zhu, Brave; Eric Lawrence, Microsoft


In this lively panel, four browser privacy experts representing Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome share their products' approaches toward enhancing privacy and describe their engineering efforts to avoid unintended consequences.

Justin Schuh, Google

Justin Schuh is an Engineering Director on Google Chrome Trust & Safety and has been a member of Chrome team for more than a decade. He's been working on security, privacy, and anti-abuse for 25 years across the public and private sectors, and co-authored The Art of Software Security Assessment.

Tanvi Vyas, Mozilla

Tanvi Vyas is a Principal Engineer at Mozilla where she is advocating for a more private web for all users. In this role, she leads the vision and development of privacy features in Firefox to provide protection against online tracking coupled with a good user experience. She is known for leading Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection and creating an identity segregation system in Firefox called Containers. Most recently, Tanvi took a co-chair position in the new W3C Privacy Community Group, where she will help develop privacy-focused web standards and APIs. Before immersing herself in privacy, Tanvi focused on web application security as a Firefox engineer and as a Paranoid at Yahoo.

Yan Zhu, Brave

Yan is Brave's CISO and has been doing security engineering there for the last 4 years. In the past, she has also worked on privacy-enhancing browser extensions at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and served on the W3C Technical Architecture Group.

Eric Lawrence, Microsoft

Eric Lawrence is a Program Manager on the Microsoft Edge team working on Networking and Privacy features. He’s been working on websites and web browsers since 1999 and has had previous stints on the Security teams for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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