Pre-Select Static Caching and Neighborhood Ordering for BFS-like Algorithms on Disk-based Graph Engines


Eunjae Lee, UNIST; Junghyun Kim, TmaxOS; Keunhak Lim, Nexon; Sam H. Noh, UNIST; Jiwon Seo, Hanyang University


Many important graph algorithms are based on the breadth first search (BFS) approach, which builds itself on recursive vertex traversal. We classify algorithms that share this characteristic into what we call a BFS-like algorithm. In this work, we first analyze and study the I/O request patterns of BFS-like algorithms executed on disk-based graph engines. Our analysis exposes two shortcomings in executing BFS-like algorithms. First, we find that the use of the cache is ineffective. To make use of the cache more effectively, we propose an in-memory static cache, which we call BFS-Aware Static Cache or Basc, for short. Basc is static as its contents, which are edge lists of vertices that are pre-selected before algorithm execution, do not change throughout the execution of the algorithm. Second, we find that state-of-the-art ordering method for graphs on disks is ineffective with BFS-like algorithms. Thus, based on an I/O cost model that estimates the performance based on the ordering of graphs, we develop an efficient graph ordering called Neighborhood Ordering or Norder. We provide extensive evaluations of Basc and Norder on two well-known graph engines using five real-world graphs including Twitter that has 1.9 billion edges. Our experimental results show that Basc and Norder, collectively have substantial performance impact.

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