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USENIX '04: Free and Open Source Software (FREENIX) Track
June 30–July 2, 2004, Boston, Massachusetts

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FREENIX is the USENIX Annual Technical Conference's forum on free and open source software. The FREENIX Program Committee is looking for papers providing practical and/or academic insight.

FREENIX is an excellent showcase for the latest developments in and interesting applications of free and open source software. Any project with a focus on software that is redistributable in source-code form and available online is a good candidate for a FREENIX submission. (Submissions focusing on proprietary software will not be accepted.) Projects that, while not yet 100% finished, anticipate release in the near term are also good candidates for FREENIX.

Submission of any sort of free and open source software-related work is encouraged, including:

  • Project reports
  • Academic studies and relevant theory
  • Usage and development experiences, both successful and unsuccessful

The emphasis of a FREENIX submission should be on clearly communicating important and technically interesting software ideas to a broad audience.

While the full range of submissions will be gratefully accepted, FREENIX 2004 will have special emphasis on two related areas:

  • Userland Applications and Systems Development:
    • Desktop applications
    • Peer-to-peer and Web-based systems
    • Libraries, toolkits, and infrastructure
    • Scripting languages and applications
    • Programming languages and systems
    • Novel algorithms and applications
    • System management tools
    • Software development tools
    • Print systems
  • Free and Open Source Software Engineering:
    • Project-centric (papers about a particular project)
      • Software specification and design methodologies
      • Novel implementation techniques
      • Testing
      • Deployment
      • Reliability and security
      • Performance and scalability
    • Process-centric (papers about development methodologies)
      • Team governance, administration, and management
      • Planning and forecasting
      • Measuring progress and assessing quality
    • Integrating tools and methodologies

Submission of relevant work in these areas is especially encouraged. In addition, we welcome submissions on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Documentation
  • Embedded systems
  • Graphical user interface tools
  • Current examples of development and management of free software
  • Interesting deployments of free software
  • Large-scale system management
  • Nontechnical aspects of free software: business, legal, etc.
  • Security
  • Software development tools
  • System and user management tools
  • Technical aspects of commercial use of free software

FREENIX submissions will be judged based on the extent to which they express interesting, useful, thought-provoking, and/or novel work. Ideas should be presented in a form suitable for consumption by people with a wide range of technical abilities and backgrounds.

One purpose of FREENIX is to strongly encourage first-time authors, including students, non-academic professionals, and amateur developers, to share their experiences. If you have something to share, you should begin thinking about writing a paper right now; a common mistake is to delay too long. If you would like help or comments on your paper idea, please feel free to email

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