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Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1997

The Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop 1997
July 14-17, 1997
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Opening Remarks
Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota and Brent Welch, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Keynote Address - Experience with Tcl/Tk and Some Alternatives
Brian Kernighan, Bell Laboratories

Applications 1

Tcl in AltaVista Forum
David Griffin, AltaVista Internet Software Inc.

"Dashboard": A Knowledge-Based Real-Time Control Panel
De Clarke, UCO/Lick Observatory

Caubweb: Detaching the Web with Tcl
John Robert LoVerso and Murray S. Mazer, Open Group Research Institute

Implementation Issues

Jacl: A Tcl Implementation in Java
Ioi K. Lam and Brian C. Smith, Cornell University
("Best Student Paper" Award!)

A Typing System for an Optimizing Multiple-Backend Tcl Compiler
Forest Rouse and Wayne Christopher, IECM CFD Engineering

TclOSAScript - Exec for Mac Tcl
Jim Ingham, Lucent Technologies; Raymond Johnson, Sun Microsystems


Redesigning Tcl-DP
Mike Perham, Brian C. Smith, Tibor Jánosi, Cornell University; Ioi K. Lam, Sun Microsystems

Writing a Tcl Extension in Only... 7 Years
Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology
("Best Paper" Award!)

Wednesday, July 16

Tcl Programming Models

Simple Multilingual Support for Tcl
Henry Spencer, SP Systems

Assertions for the Tcl Language
Jonathan Cook, New Mexico State University

Extending Traces with OAT: An Object Attribute Trace Package For Tcl/Tk
Alex Safonov, Joseph A. Konstan, John V. Carlis and Brian Bailey, University of Minnesota

Multimedia and Graphics

A Tk OpenGL Widget
Claudio Esperança, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Universitária

The ImageTcl Multimedia Algorithm Development System
Charles B. Owen, Dartmouth Experimental Visualization Laboratory

Nsync - A Constraint Based Toolkit for Multimedia
Brian Bailey and Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota


Managing Tcl's Namespaces Collaboratively
Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology

PtTcl: Using Tcl with Pthreads
D. Richard Hipp, Hwaci; Mike Cruse, CTI, Ltd.

Thursday, July 17

Applications 2

A Tcl-based Self-configuring Embedded System Debugger
Dale Parson, Paul Beatty, and Bryan Schlieder, Bell Labs Innovations for Lucent Technologies

GeNMSim - The Agent Simulator
Ilana Gani-Naor, Udi Margolin, and Raz Rafaeli, Milestone Software & Systems

The Tycho User Interface System
Christopher Hylands, Edward A. Lee, H. John Reekie, University of California, Berkeley

Poster Session

Building a Graphical Web History Using Tcl/Tk
Frederick J. Hirsch, The Open Group Research Institute

Building a Notification Infrastructure Using Tcl, Zephyr and Linda
W. Scott Meeks, The Open Group Research Institute

A Flexible GUI Design System
S. D. Mullerworth, The Meteorological Office

A World Wide Web-to-Database Connectivity using Tcl/Tk: The Hydrology-Meteorology Toolkit
François Chevenet, Guillaume Le Stum, ORSTOM

Using Tcl/Tk in Biology Research Application Development
Ellen R. Bergeman and Mark Graves, Baylor College of Medicine

3wish: Distributed [incr Tcl] Extensions for Physical-World Interfaces
Brygg Ullmer, MIT Media Lab

Using Tk as Remote GUI Frontend for 4GL-database Applications
Volker Schubert, Brueckner & Jarosch Ing. GmbH

xmb - Dancing in the Tar Pits: Using Tcl/Tk to Build a CASE Environment
Henry R. Tumblin, CertCo L.L.C.; Charles McElwain, Open Market, Inc

Agent Development Support for Tcl
R. Scott Cost, Ian Soboroff, Jeegar Lakhani, Tim Finin, Ethan Miller, and Charles Nicholas, University of Maryland Baltimore County

TxRx: An ONC RPC Interpreter
Cristian S. Mata, State University of New York at Stony Brook

A Tcl/Tk-Based Video Annotation Engine
M. Carrer, L. Ligresti and T.D.C. Little, Boston University

Coding Techniques for Reducing Code Maintenance
Clifton Flynt, Flynt Consulting Services

InvenTcl: Interpretive 3D graphics using Open Inventor and Tcl/Tk/[incr Tcl]
Sidney Fels, Silvio Esser, Armin Bruderlin, and Kenji Mase, ATR MI&C Research Laboratories

Experience of Prototyping Tcl/tk-based GUI for Geant4: an Object-Oriented Toolkit for Simulation in High Energy Physics
M. Nagamatsu, H. Uno, A. Obana, H. Yoshida, Naruto University of Education; M. Asai, Hiroshima Institute of Technology; Y. Oohata, R. Hamatsu, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Web Enabling Applications
Brent Welch and Stephen Uhler, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

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