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Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1997

xmb - Dancing in the Tar Pits: Using Tcl/Tk to Build a CASE Environment

Henry R. Tumblin
CertCo L.L.C., New York, NY
Charles E. McElwain
Open Market, Inc., Cambridge, MA


Managing software across multiple build platforms and environments can be thought of as dancing around a tar pit; if you slip and fall then you may not be able to get out for a long time! There's far too much knowledge about the local build environment required to enable software developers and release engineers to build, test, and release products. We intend to show that by using Tcl/Tk as a CASE integration engine, the amount of time and training required to bring a new developer, test or release engineer online is greatly reduced. Product build environments become standardized and the cost of adding new platforms is reduced.
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