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Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1997

InvenTcl: Interpretive 3D graphics using Open Inventor and Tcl/[incr Tcl]

Sidney Fels, Silvio Esser, Armin Bruderlin and Kenji Mase
ATR MI&C Research Laboratories
Kyoto, JAPAN


Open Inventor is an object oriented 3D graphics toolkit written in C++. Because Open Inventor is written in C++, typical user code development consistsof a program/compile/debug iteration cycle. This paper introduces InvenTcl which is an interpretive version of Open Inventor using Tcl/Tk[4] and [incr Tcl][3]. The advantages of InvenTcl include: script-able and direct manipulation of 3D objects in an Open Inventor scene, easyprototyping of 3D graphics and animation, and low-bandwidth communication of 3D scenes and animations (using scripts).
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