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Fifth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1997

A Tcl-based Self-configuring Embedded System Debugger

Dale Parson, Paul Beatty and Bryan Schlieder
Bell Labs Innovations for Lucent Technologies


The Tcl Environment for Extensible Modeling is a software system from Bell Labs for the simulation, hardware emulation and debugging of heterogeneous multiprocessor embedded systems. These embedded systems contain one or more digital signal processors or microcontrollers that execute real-time software written in assembly language and C. Tcl provides an environment in which embedded system designers can interact easily with their designs. Tcl serves as a processor query language, a modeling language for connecting and scheduling processors, an extension language for adding both model and environment enhancements, and as a user interface implementation language. Tcl's C API and calling conventions provide C and C++-level standards and portable libraries. The Tcl interpreter extends readily into a self-configuring simulation-emulation-debugging tool set. This tool set can use new processor types and new processor arithmetic without tool recompilation. This paper looks at exploitation of Tcl from a system perspective, and at some technical problems and solutions in applying Tcl.
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