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USENIX Third Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop

July 6-8, 1995
Toronto, Canada

Co-sponsored by Unisys, Inc. and USENIX Association


Thursday July 6, 1995

Tcl-DP Name Server
Peter T. Liu, Brian Smith, and Lawrence Rowe, University of California, Berkeley

Multiple Trace Composition and Its Uses
Adam Sah, University of California, Berkeley

TclProp: A Data-Propagation Formula Manager for Tcl and Tk
Sunanda Iyengar and Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota

Advances in the Pad++ Zoomable Graphics Widget
Benjamin B. Bederson and James D. Hollan, University of New Mexico

A Table-based Layout Editor
George G. Howlett


Mega-widgets in Tcl/Tk: Evaluation and Analysis
Shannon Jaeger, University of Calgary

Designing Mega Widgets in the Tix Library
Ioi K. Lam, University of Pennysylvania

[incr Widgets] An Object-Oriented Mega-Widget Set
Mark L. Ulferts, DSC Communications Corporation

Cross Platform Support in Tk
Ray Johnson and Scott Stanton, Sun Microsystems Laboratories


Automatic Generation of Tcl Bindings for C and C++ Libraries
Wolfgang Heidrich and William Slusallek, Computer Graphics Laboratory, University of Waterloo

An Anatomy of Guile: The Interface to Tcl/Tk
Thomas Lord, Cygnus Support

A Tcl to C Compiler
Forest R. Rouse and Wayne Christopher, ICEM CFD Engineering and the University of California at Davis

Friday July 7, 1995

Using Tcl/Tk to Program a Full Functional Geographic Information System
George C. Moon, Alex Lee, Stephen Lindsey, Unisys, Inc.

TkReplay: Record and Replay for Tk
Charles Crowley, The University of New Mexico

PLUG-IN: Using Tcl/Tk for Plan-Based User Guidance
F. Lonczewski, Munich University of Technology

A Graphical User Interface Builder for Tk
Stephen Uhler, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Panel: Tcl and Tk in the Classroom: Lessons Learned

Charles Crowley, University of New Mexico, Joseph A. Konstan,
University of Minnesota; Michael J. McLennan, AT&T Bell Laboratories


The New [incr Tcl]: Objects, Mega-Widgets, Namespaces and More
Michael J. McLennan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Objective-Tcl: An Object-Oriented Tcl Environment
Pedja Bogdanovich, TipTop Software

Extending Tcl for Dynamic Object-Oriented Programming
David Wetherall, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

Interpreted C++, Object Oriented Tcl, What next?
Dean Sheehan, IXI Limited

When is an object not an object?
Mark Roseman, University of Calgary

Saturday July 8, 1995


Tcl Commands as Media in a Distributed Multimedia Toolkit
Jonathan L. Herlocker and Joseph A. Konstan, University of Minnesota

Taming the Complexity of Distributed Multimedia Applications
Frank Stajano and Rob Walker, Olivetti Research Limited

Plug-And-Play with Wires
Maximilian and John Hearn Ott, NEC USA Inc.

RIVL: A Resolution Independent Video Language
Jonathan Swartz and Brian C. Smith, Cornell University


Two Years with TkMan: Lessons and Innovations
Thomas A. Phelps, University of California, Berkeley

Prototyping NBC's GEnesis Broadcast Automation System Using Tcl/Tk
Brion D. Sarachan, Alexandra J. Schmidt, GE R&D Center
Steven A. Zahner, NBC

Customization and Flexibility in the exmh Mail User Interface
Brent Welch, Xerox Parc

Experience with Tcl/Tk for Scientific and Engineering Visualization
Brian W. Kernighan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Tcl Extensions for Network Management Applications
J. Shonwalder and H. Langendorfer, Technical Univiersity of Braunschweig