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The New [incr Tcl]:
Objects, Mega-Widgets, Namespaces and More

Michael J. McLennan

AT&T Bell Laboratories


The allure of using Tcl/Tk is the way that applications come together with relative ease. A sticky note facility can be put together in an hour. A simple video game can be created in an afternoon. But as applications get larger, Tcl/Tk code becomes more and more difficult to understand, maintain and extend. [incr Tcl] provides the extra language support needed to build large Tcl/Tk applications. The latest release offers better performance and a host of new features. The global namespace of commands and variables can now be partitioned into smaller namespaces acting as subsystems. The class facility extends the concept of namespaces to support unique instances of objects with similar characteristics. This technology can be used to create mega-widgets and other high-level building blocks that help applications come together even faster than before, with better structure in the resulting code.

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