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Interpreted C++, Object Oriented Tcl, What next?

Dean Sheehan (
IXI Visionware, Vision Park, Cambridge,
CB4 4ZR, England.


Tcl is an interpreted high level language suitable for scripts, small scale systems, prototypes and embedding in larger applications. C++ is a powerful compiled language that provides support for object oriented programming and is suitable for building large complex systems. But what if you could move from C++ to Tcl and back again with the ease of an object reference and a dynamically bound function? This paper describes an extension to Tcl, or an extension to C++ depending on your perspective, that makes it possible to:

The name of this extension (Tcl++ was rejected) is Object Tcl.

Download the full text of this paper in ASCII (33,836 bytes) and POSTSCRIPT (171,529 bytes) form.

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