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Designing Mega Widgets in the Tix Library

Ioi K. Lam

Computer Graphics Laboratory
University of Pennsylvania, PA


Tcl/Tk graphical applications are built by assembling Tk widgets. The Tix library pre-packages the standard Tk widgets into an extensive set of higher-level GUI components, a.k.a. mega-widgets, so that applications ban be built more rapidly and in a more structural manner. With many new widgets, the Tix library enriches Tcl/Tk applications by introducing new interaction techniques. The Tix mega-widgets have a powerful application programming interface (API) designed to boost application programmers' productivity.

This paper describes the mega-widgets in the Tix library and discusses the principles for designing the API of mega-widgets.

Download the full text of this paper in POSTSCRIPT (300,143 bytes) form.

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