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The 2000 USENIX Annual Conference Photo Sampler

I don't know if you noticed, but there were a lot of people going around with cameras at this 25th anniversary of the USENIX Annual Conference. Here is a sample of what we received from various people.

Thanks to photographers Peter Collinson, Lou Katz (our principal photo journalist), Kirk McKusick, and Avi Rubin.

If you took pictures and think they would add to this collection send them on (in jpeg format, 72 dpi, if at all possible), with captions identifying who is in the shot, to No promises are made that we will actually use them, but we will try.

Note that we do not guarantee the accuracy of the captions: if you have additions or corrections to suggest please send them to Thanks!

The Pool at the Marriott Hotel Keynote Speaker Bill Joy Christopher Small giving an award Program Chair Christopher Small Family of Rich Stevens receiving the Flame award
Rob Pike Out door Break between sessions The Terminal Room It was not only USENIX's birthday, but also that of a couple of Staff MVPs: Judy DesHarnais & Toni Veglia
A hungry Dana Watanabe with a lost Jennifer A hungry Bleu with a lost Dana Watanabe Dan Klein Gale Berkowitz
Christopher Small Rob Pike Party, Party! 25thAnniversary Reception Ellie Young & John Heidemann
John Gilmore, Evi Nemeth, Elizabeth Zwicky Self-described "Old Farts BoF" L. to R.: Tom Ferrin, Dennis Ritchie, Dennis Mumaugh, Peter Salus, Lou Katz, Mike O'Brien, Ken Thompson Michael Jones & Peter Honeyman Steve Johnson & Evi Nemeth Margo Seltzer & Peg Schafer
Michael Jones Andrew Hume pouring at the Friday night party Jim Mckie & Sam Leffler Jason Evans & Greg Lehey Lou Katz
Teus Hagen, Eric Allamn, & Dennis Ritchie Peg Schafer & Nick Stoughton Teus painting Toni Sam Leffler, Margo Seltzer with Teagan, & Craig Soules Elizabeth Zwicky
Peter Salus & Greg Rose David Rosenthal, Peg Schafer, Tom Wadlow, & Marc Staveley Chris Thorpe & Christopher Small Tom Ferrin & Eric Allman Rachel Chalmers, Margo, Chris Torek, & Keith Smith
Evi Nemeth, Sean, Frances Brazier, & Wytze Van der Raay Evi & Sean Tom Ferrin & Peg Schafer Rob Pike & Piers Dick-Lauder A Gathering of sandals
Greg Ganger, Chris Stein, & Craig Soules Toni Veglia, Jeff Mogul, & Jeff's wife, Patty John Heidemann Greg Minshall and Jim Gettys Brad Templeton
Matt Blaze Erik Fair & Mike O'Brien ?, Nick Stoughton, and Norman Wilson Dusty White Theo de Raadt & Todd Miller
More Photos of the Staff
Thomas Dolby Robertson Dan Klein Toni and Gale Can you find Peter Collinson?

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