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Conference Organizers

Program Chair
Christopher Small, Osprey Partners LLC

Program Committee
Ken Arnold, Sun Microsystems
Aaron Brown, University of California at Berkeley
Fred Douglis, AT&T Labs--Research
Edward W. Felten, Princeton University
Eran Gabber, Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies
Greg Minshall, Redback Networks, Inc.
Yoonho Park, IBM Research
Vern Paxson, ACIRI
Liuba Shrira, Brandeis University
Keith A. Smith, Harvard University
Mark Zbikowski, Microsoft

Invited Talks Coordinators
John Heidemann, USC/Information Sciences Institute
John T. Kohl, Rational Software

FREENIX Program Chair
Marshall Kirk McKusick, Author & Consultant

FREENIX Program Committee
Clem Cole, Compaq
Chris Demetriou, SiByte, Inc.
David Greenman, The FreeBSD Project
Miguel de Icaza, Helix Code, Inc.
Niels Provos, University of Michigan
Theodore Ts'o, VA Linux Systems
Stephen C. Tweedie, Red Hat, Inc.
Victor Yodaiken, FSMLabs and New Mexico Institute of Technology

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