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Invited Talks Track

Wednesday, June 21

Computer System Security: Is There Really a Threat?
     Avi Rubin, AT&T Research

Watching the Waist of IP
     Steve Deering, Cisco Systems

Implementing 3D Workstation Graphics on PC UNIX Hardware
     Daryll Strauss, Precision Insight

Thursday, June 22

The Microsoft Antitrust Case: A View fron an Expert Witness
     Edward Felten, Princeton University

Challenges in Integrating the Mac OS and BSD Environments
     Wilfredo Sanchez, Apple Computer

The Convergence of Networking and Storage: Will it be SAN or NAS?
     Rod Van Meter, Network Alchemy

Lessons Learned About Open Source
     Jim Gettys, Compaq

Friday, June 23

An Introduction to Quantum Computation and Communication | PDF
     Rob Pike, Lucent Technologies--Bell Labs

Providing Future Web Services | PDF
     Andy Poggio, Sun Labs

The GNOME Project
     Miguel de Icaza

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