18th USENIX WOOT Conference on Offensive Technologies

August 12–13, 2024
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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The 18th USENIX WOOT Conference on Offensive Technologies (WOOT '24) will take place at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia, PA, USA, on August 12–13, 2024.

The USENIX WOOT Conference aims to present a broad picture of offense and its contributions, bringing together researchers and practitioners across all areas of computer security. Offensive security has changed from a hobby to an industry. No longer an exercise for isolated enthusiasts, offensive security is today a large-scale operation managed by organized, capitalized actors. Meanwhile, the landscape has shifted: software used by millions is built by startups less than a year old, delivered on mobile phones, and surveilled by national signals intelligence agencies. In the field's infancy, offensive security research was conducted separately by industry, independent hackers, or in academia. Collaboration between these groups was difficult.

In 2007, the Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT) was created to bring those communities together. In 2024, WOOT (formerly the Workshop on Offensive Security) will become the USENIX WOOT Conference and will have formal proceedings.


Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
1201 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
+1 215.625.2900

USENIX WOOT '24, August 12–13, 2024, Philadelphia, PA


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