Notice the Imposter! A Study on User Tag Spoofing Attack in Mobile Apps


Shuai Li, Zhemin Yang, Guangliang Yang, Hange Zhang, Nan Hua, Yurui Huang, and Min Yang, Fudan University


Recent years have witnessed the rapid development of mobile services, spanning almost every field. To characterize users and provide personalized and targeted services, user tag sharing, which labels users and shares their data, is becoming increasingly popular. Its security attracts more and more attention, and a series of privacy issues have been reported in several specific services. However, up to now, there still lacked a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and security of user tag sharing.

In this work, we conduct a systematic study of user tag sharing and its security. We first model user tag sharing with three phases, and discover that the privacy security issue commonly exists in practice. We generalize and formalize the privacy issue as user tag spoofing. Then, we propose a novel network-level smart fuzzing approach, called UTSFuzzer, against user tag spoofing. The key idea behind UTSFuzzer is to explore a large number of valid user tag values as input to imitate user tag spoofing against real-world mobile services. By applying UTSFuzzer on a large scale of real-world popular apps, we verify the effectiveness of UTSFuzzer and unveil that 100 mobile apps (including 115 mobile services) are vulnerable to user tag spoofing. The accumulated installations of all affected apps (users) reach more than 413 million. Additionally, UTSFuzzer shows user tag spoofing can cause serious attack efforts, including economic loss and user activity monitoring.

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