Hey Kimya, Is My Smart Speaker Spying on Me? Taking Control of Sensor Privacy Through Isolation and Amnesia

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Piet De Vaere and Adrian Perrig, ETH Zürich


Although smart speakers and other voice assistants are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, their always-standby nature continues to prompt significant privacy concerns. To address these, we propose Kimya, a hardening framework that allows device vendors to provide strong data-privacy guarantees. Concretely, Kimya guarantees that microphone data can only be used for local processing, and is immediately discarded unless a user-auditable notification is generated. Kimya thus makes devices accountable for their data-retention behavior. Moreover, Kimya is not limited to voice assistants, but is applicable to all devices with always-standby, event-triggered sensors. We implement Kimya for ARM Cortex-M, and apply it to a wake-word detection engine. Our evaluation shows that Kimya introduces low overhead, can be used in constrained environments, and does not require hardware modifications.

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