Cryptographic Administration for Secure Group Messaging


David Balbás, IMDEA Software Institute & Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Daniel Collins and Serge Vaudenay, EPFL


Many real-world group messaging systems delegate group administration to the application level, failing to provide formal guarantees related to group membership. Taking a cryptographic approach to group administration can prevent both implementation and protocol design pitfalls that result in a loss of confidentiality and consistency for group members.

In this work, we introduce a cryptographic framework for the design of group messaging protocols that offer strong security guarantees for group membership. To this end, we extend the continuous group key agreement (CGKA) paradigm used in the ongoing IETF MLS group messaging standardisation process and introduce the administrated CGKA (A-CGKA) primitive. Our primitive natively enables a subset of group members, the group admins, to control the addition and removal of parties and to update their own keying material in a secure manner. Notably, our security model prevents even corrupted (non-admin) members from forging messages that modify group membership. Moreover, we present two efficient and modular constructions of group administrators that are correct and secure with respect to our definitions. Finally, we propose, implement, and benchmark an efficient extension of MLS that integrates cryptographic administrators.

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