VILLAIN: Backdoor Attacks Against Vertical Split Learning


Yijie Bai and Yanjiao Chen, Zhejiang University; Hanlei Zhang and Wenyuan Xu, Zhejing University; Haiqin Weng and Dou Goodman, Ant Group


Vertical split learning is a new paradigm of federated learning for participants with vertically partitioned data. In this paper, we make the first attempt to explore the possibility of backdoor attacks by a malicious participant in vertical split learning. Different from conventional federated learning, vertical split learning poses new challenges for backdoor attacks, the most looming ones being a lack of access to the training data labels and the server model. To tackle these challenges, we propose VILLAIN, a backdoor attack framework that features effective label inference and data poisoning strategies. VILLAIN realizes high inference accuracy of the target label samples for the attacker. Furthermore, VILLAIN intensifies the backdoor attack power by designing a stealthy additive trigger and introducing backdoor augmentation strategies to impose a larger influence on the server model. Our extensive evaluations on 6 datasets with comprehensive vertical split learning models and aggregation methods confirm the effectiveness of VILLAIN . It is also demonstrated that VILLAIN can resist the popular privacy inference defenses, backdoor detection or removal defenses, and adaptive defenses.

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