DICE*: A Formally Verified Implementation of DICE Measured Boot


Zhe Tao, University of California, Davis; Aseem Rastogi, Naman Gupta, and Kapil Vaswani, Microsoft Research; Aditya V. Thakur, University of California, Davis


Measured boot is an important class of boot protocols that ensure that each layer of firmware and software in a device's chain of trust is measured, and the measurements are reliably recorded for subsequent verification. This paper presents DICE*, a formal specification as well as a formally verified implementation of DICE, an industry standard measured boot protocol. DICE* is proved to be functionally correct, memory-safe, and resistant to timing- and cache-based side-channels. A key component of DICE* is a verified certificate creation library for a fragment of X.509. We have integrated DICE* into the boot firmware of an STM32H753ZI micro-controller. Our evaluation shows that using a fully verified implementation has minimal to no effect on the code size and boot time when compared to an existing unverified implementation.

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