OpenTelemetry Metrics 101

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 2:40 pm3:25 pm

Reese Lee, New Relic


Metrics are an integral part of an overall observability strategy that can help you understand what exactly is going on in your systems. For instance, how much time does a specific request take on average, or at what rate are certain errors occurring? However, there are many mysteries around this signal type – for instance, which metrics instruments should you implement to get certain measurements? In fact, what even are metrics instruments? And which metrics can help you better understand your services?

In this session, you will get clarity around these concepts and the value different metrics and types of metrics can provide, with fun analogies and real world examples.

Reese Lee, New Relic

Reese Lee joined the OpenTelemetry team at New Relic in 2021, bringing along her enthusiasm for providing quality technical support and enablement for observability end users. She primarily works in the OpenTelemetry End User Working Group to help increase awareness and adoption of the software, including running the monthly End User Discussion Group. She has spoken on topics related to the project, and is excited to contribute more to the OpenTelemetry community.

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