The Best SREs Seem to Be the Ones without an SRE Title—And What We Can Do about It?

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 9:00 am9:45 am

Kishore Jalleda, Stealth


In an industry where the SRE discipline has been growing (for a while now), with teams springing up everywhere, to do, well, SRE—but if Bob or Mary from that other SRE-like team are mostly the ones called for help to solve complex incidents, or other ambiguous production issues, what are the rest of the teams with the (official) title doing? Acting as a crutch? Baby sit legacy systems with a lot of toil? Doing low-value work no one else wants to do?

Clearly, this is not the right direction we want for the profession or the industry. The goal of this talk to surface this seemingly universal problem, what brought us here, potential risks of inaction, and offer practical solutions with actionable advice.

Kishore Jalleda, Stealth

After a decade of leading (global) SRE teams at Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, and IMVU, Kishore Jalleda pivoted to full-time coding and building products that can organize the world's unstructured data and processes to help people lower their stress, make better decisions, and focus on what matters most.

Given his background, his first use case is incident management; he is offering simple, novel, proactive solutions to the complex problems organizations face with managing incidents.

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