Exploring Disconnects between Reliability Practitioners and Management/Executives

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 11:55 am12:40 pm

Kurt Andersen; Leo Vasiliou, Catchpoint


Join us to hear the "author's intent" for why they wrote—and why they suggest you read—the latest The SRE Report (https://bit.ly/2023-sre-report) In this session, we'll hear about the logic, emotion, and controversy during survey writing and results interpretation. In Summer 2022, an industry survey was run with almost 600 responses; the initial report on the findings was released in November 2022. Based on the self-identified organizational level by the respondents (e.g., Individual Contributor through Executive), we found quite a few of the inquiry topics had differing perspectives in their answer set. We will highlight these differences and provide some suggestions for bridging the perception gaps through the use of real-world situations. We will take a naked look at some of the most surprising data and explore some of the open-ended questions where survey respondents could type in anything they wanted (and they did!).

Kurt Andersen[node:field-speakers-institution]

Kurt Andersen worked as the head of strategy for Blameless.com. Prior to that he was one of the leads for the Product-SRE organization at LinkedIn. Across the full spectrum of IT-influence, he is strongly committed to developing the best engineers and teams, and enabling them with the right ideas, tools, and connections at the right time to facilitate personal and organizational learning and resilience.

Kurt has been active in the anti-abuse and IETF standards communities for over 20 years. He has spoken at multiple conferences on various aspects of reliability, authentication, and security and written for O'Reilly. He also serves on the USENIX Board of Directors and as liaison to the SREcon conferences worldwide.

Leo Vasiliou, Catchpoint

Leo grew up in technology operations where web performance, IT operations, and information security activities were part of his charter. Since transitioning to evangelizing DevOps activities in product marketing, Leo currently applies his passion for web performance data analysis in the context of monitoring and observability—primarily for customer-facing products and services.

Leo strongly believes correct data are the foundation for transforming information into wisdom. He works to perform activities at the intersection of technology and marketing to help improve IT's business relationship.

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