Sparking Joy for Engineers with Observability

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Tuesday, 12 October, 2021 - 16:3016:45

Zac Delagrange, Area 1 Security


Too often we're concerned with sparking joy/delight for our Customers that we forget that our Developer's experience and joy has a direct impact on the end product and customer happiness. We found that without an Exception Reporting tool, we were relying on customer's unhappiness to report issues in our web application, and by integrating Exception Reporting with Distributed Tracing we could get ahead of any customer issues while improving our developer's experience.

You'll learn that time to resolution can be improved as well as elevating your engineers out of a sea of logs and hearsay and into context-driven fixes in this story about exercising distributed services with Observability tools.

Zac Delagrange, Area 1 Security

Zac has been improving product quality through continuous integration, test automation, transparent metrics, collaborative and social development processes. Specializing in enabling peers to ship code quickly and confidently, Zac is a self-taught software engineer with an academic background in Information Systems and Marketing, he has proven experience as a DevOps engineer with a big Quality voice by engineering solutions at Cyber Security start-ups for the last 6 years.

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